On Finding the Author

photo by Bill Green, Joshua Tree, CA

Mallory Graham is a 32-year-old vagabond who has been living on the road in her 16′ camper with her Someone and her dog for the last three years.  Quartz from Pallets is where she sorts out her thoughts and feelings with the attempt to find the shinier side of muddier situations.  She is also one half of the traveling folk duo, The Rough & Tumble, which you can find at http://www.theroughandtumble.com.  This is a picture of her dog, Puddle.77030007

All photos, with the exception of the portrait above, are taken by Mallory herself on her film camera.  She is an amateur, but has a lot of heart.

You can reach her (and she would welcome you) at: mallorygayle.graham@gmail.com.

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