Pineapple: On Speaking in Love.

(It’s a theory or a truth that when)

We say “I love…” we are rolling out the beginning to test what will follow.  To see if the funny movement that is toppling around our insides can be explained–

if the mouth agrees and perpetuates.

“I love…


I test to see if this formula will solidify my final thought on the matter.

When pineapple ends, does the mouth move around the fruit’s name like it belongs there?  Does it twist with the thought of the tang and smirk at the edges with the sweet?  Does the mouth wish it wasn’t the name but the thing itself?

We test “I love…” out to know that the mouth and the face agree with the heart and the brain.


Like when I tried it on you.

When I told you I love you, the mouth knew instantly it was true, because it did not want only the sound of you hovering in front of its lips, but you.  And the ears agreed, too, because they wanted to hear only you from then on.

And this “I love…” test was the most successful in all of history.  And the heart rests easy.

(because not everything can just be spoken into existence.)

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